Document Storage

If your business has a temporary or permanent need to store archives, files or documents let us know.

Your documents will be carefully logged and stored in a dedicated area. Access to your files during storage can be arranged. Warehouse space is cheaper than office space.

Why secure document storage?

Securely storing documents off-site is the perfect solution for companies that need to keep, safeguard and manage their information. Worldwide Movers Africa Document Storage is the one stop solution. Our economical off-site service cuts the cost of document storage, administration and cuts retrieval time.


Worldwide Movers Africa Document Storage makes it simple to move and store your business documents offsite. We deliver the boxes, you pack your files, we pick them up and transport them to our secure facility – as soon as you want them back, we return them. It is as simple as that. We can deliver and collect the next-day, same-day and emergency evening services are available.


Worldwide Movers Africa has been safely storing goods in Uganda and several other branches for twenty years, setting high standards for reliable and secure storage. Our Document Storage is synonymous with first-rate protection. Your data is safe with us. Worldwide Movers Africa is a member of all the internationally recognised relocation organisations.

Pay what you use

Office space is precious. Onsite storage can become a significant financial burden and take up important funds that could be better used elsewhere. Worldwide Movers Africa Document Storage offers a very secure, low-cost solution for all types of business services.

Worldwide Document Storage allows you to rent only the space that you require when you require it. You pay per box.

With Worldwide Movers Africa Document Storage services, you will have the means to efficiently store and protect your assets, and make them easily accessible.