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Dear Messrs. Amankwah and Baah,

I wanted to drop a line to let you know Ernest and his crew were here the last couple of days as scheduled and have successfully wrapped, packed, labeled, marked, and inventoried our household stuff for shipping. They loaded and sealed the container at 2:00 pm earlier this afternoon, after Mr. Amankwah stopped by to oversee the final stages of their work.

My wife and I can’t say enough of how well the crew performed, how dedicated they were with their work, how much attention to detail they exercised and above all, how professionally focused they were.

They didn’t chit chat, take unnecessary breaks or malinger during the whole two days they worked in our residence. They showed up on time, and Ernest seemed to have everything in order and under control.

It was also more impressive given they had to truck other stuff from our storage facility to the house; and when it was time to load the container, even though it was a rainy day, they worked without excuses and did whatever was necessary to keep things in flow.

They also cleaned up after each work day. Simply put, we are glad we hired WWM Ghana and hope the rest of the shipping goes as flawlessly as this session of packing and loading has been.

Please say a big thank you to Ernest and his crew and let them know we appreciated their professionalism. Thank you.

WWM Ghana team flawless
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