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Welcome to Zambia!

You are about to embark on a journey to a country that is the newly discovered jewel in the crown of African Tourism.

Country Profile

An interesting country, both culturally and politically, with the potential to be a leader in African Democracy. Blessed with stunning National Parks and wildlife, the mighty Zambezi River and Victoria Falls, this is one of the ‘must visit’ countries in central Africa.

English is the official and administrative language of Zambia and is most common in the cities. In rural areas the indigenous languages are more widely spoken. The major local languages are Bemba in the Copperbelt and Northern and Central provinces; Nyanja in the Lusaka and Eastern provinces; Tonga in the Southern Province and Lozi in the Western Province.

Worldwide Movers Africa (Zambia) is a member of: IAM, American Moving & Storage Assoc. (AMSA) and the South African Intl. Movers Assoc. (SAIMA). The company’s primary activities include household removals (International domestic and local), office moving, warehousing, records management storage, customs clearing, packing crating and transport (air, sea and land). Worldwide Movers Africa’s emphasis on quality extends from the high caliber of packing materials used to the extensive and on-going training provided to its staff. The memberships above, coupled with long-term personal relationships with leading global removals organizations, ensure the same high degree of excellence is provided at both ends of every move. This year alone the WWM Group will handle over 3,200 individual removals. The company is owned and managed by Zambian shareholders working in tandem with Canadian and US directors and will soon revert into a multi-national entity.

Alongside of its professional focus Worldwide Movers Africa maintains a strong social commitment and contributes to local sporting events for the under-privileged as well as other worthy charities.

Worldwide Movers Africa (Zambian) is owned by Zambian stakeholders with Canadian and US directors, ensuring continuity of service quality: the company is well known to all major international relocation companies and enjoys an unparalleled local reputation for care and prudence. Worldwide Movers Africa (Zambia) is a member of : IAM, American Moving & Storage Assoc. (AMSA), South African Intl. Movers Assoc. (SAIMA). Additionally, WWM Uganda is certified by the prestigious International Federation of Intl. Removers (FIDI).

Country Info

Customs Regulations

Please contact our office. We will be pleased to send you the prevailing local import regulations as well as tips about moving to Zambia.


Telecommunications are much improved across the country and the acquisition of a cell phone is easy and fast. Installation of land lines and internet connection is slower but in the meantime there are plenty of other wifi connections in hotels and other public places.

Accommodation and Schools

Please contact our office. We will be pleased to send you details of some real-estate companies as well as the list of schools that could be suitable for your children.

Moving Pets

Many relocations to and from Africa include pets, dogs in particular. We move your pets safely and comfortably. We ensure that direct flights are used whenever possible and that the transit time is kept to a bare minimum. In most cases we construct the transit containers to IATA the specifications but you may use your own if it conforms. We encourage you to use the transit container well before the move so your pet can feel completely at home in it. Delivery of your pet to your new home is looked after by professionals, all of whom are members of the necessary international trade associations. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to comply with veterinary and quarantine requirements.

  • Pets are relocated safely and comfortably
  • Our personal touch ensures that the relocation is made as smooth as possible
  • Pets travel in IATA-approved travel containers
  • All airline and customs documentation is seen to, as is compliance with veterinary and quarantine requirements

Orientation Services

It’s not easy finding your way around in a new city if you don’t have the resources of a resident friend to show you the ropes. The aim of our City Orientation Tour is to show you where to find what you need and make your initial settling-in period a little easier. As well, you can use your own car if you like (or ours) to get you accustomed to driving in local city traffic.

The tour includes: favored expat residential areas, shopping centers, the central business district, schools, hospitals, embassies, specialty shops such as delicatessens, hardware stores, furnishing stores, liquor stores, opticians, major hotels, restaurants, entertainment spots, and points of cultural interest. In addition you will be shown sports and social clubs as well as spots to acquire a reliable vehicle. A Worldwide Movers Africa representative will collect you from your hotel or office where we will generate an orientation tour that suits your particular needs. The tour lasts approximately four hours and includes lunch. Please contact our office for more information.


Most African metropolises are considerably safer than some larger western cities. Common sense and some pertinent advice make life easier and more secure. Please call Worldwide Movers Africa who will be pleased to organize an Orientation Tour for you during which time you can discuss home security, car security, security companies and various methods to prevent theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a guaranteed door-to-door price and information about my move?

One call to Worldwide Movers Africa is enough. Our staff will come to survey your household and personal effects and quickly get back to you with pricing and information. This service is free of charge.

What if I don’t live in one of the major towns or in a distant locality?

No problem. Worldwide Movers Africa services the entire country.

What if I don’t have a residence at destination?

Worldwide Movers Africa can quote you storage rates overseas and insure them accordingly.

Does insurance coverage include all risks?

Yes. We provide you with a form to list all your goods for insurance and all those goods listed are covered.

Do I have to prepay my move or part of my move?

It depends. If your company has an account with us, no. If it’s a private move, yes.

Can I pay for my move with a credit or debit card?

In some of our countries, yes. Otherwise bank transfers are the norm.

Can you ship my much-loved pet?

Yes, we love pets. We have in stock or can build tailor-made shipping crates for pets and we have close relations with professional pet carriers overseas too.

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