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Congratulations and Kaze i Rwanda!

You are embarking on a journey to a country often described as the Switzerland of Africa.

Country Profile

Never a dull country, the people, topography and dynamic political changes make Rwanda one of the continuous riddles on the continent. Blessed with superb wildlife, beautiful green mountains as well as sublime Lake Kivu, this is one of the ‘must visit’ countries in central Africa.

The transport system is improving with Rwanda’s mountainous road network being constantly upgraded. And with Rwandair Express spreading its wings to serve Burundi, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda, the country is experiencing entirely new business opportunities. Rwanda today is a nation undergoing a remarkable renaissance. Since the 1994 genocide, there has been a high level of political stability and the creation of a climate more conducive to foreign investment.

The country’s economy is small and predominantly agrarian but with an impressive 9.9% GDP growth and acceptably low inflation of around 3%, a recently liberalized foreign exchange controls and a pragmatic leadership, the country is rebounding at impressive speed. English has replaced French as the second and business language. Particularly worthy of merit is Rwanda’s crusade against corruption which has been astonishingly successful and makes the country attractive to investors and donors alike.

Worldwide Movers Africa (Rwanda) was established in 2002. The team members are recruited for their experience, honesty and competence with an administration is made up of young enthusiastic professionals with skills in removals, export /import, freight and customs. Workshop programs, and attendance at overseas conferences with agency network partners, help to keep them abreast of up-to-date procedures and new approaches. We offer free surveys, rates and information about your forthcoming move. Our prices are guaranteed, not a penny more than shown in our quotations.

Country Info

Accommodation and Schools

Accommodation in Kigali is varied with expats looking for houses and apartments in Kiyovu, Kimihurura, Nyarutarama, Gacuriro, Kagugu and Kacyiru suburbs. The rentals in these areas fit a broad range in terms of budget from approximately $1,000/month for a 2 bedroom apartment to $4,000/month for something that shows that you have really made it. Kigali rentals are both furnished and not, with unfurnished ones offering minimum 12 month leases. Interestingly, it is still a “renters” market and the asking price is just that.

Rwanda has three official languages. Two of these English and French are the most common languages for expats with English rapidly overhauling French. The most recognized foreign schools are l’Ecole Belge de Kigali ( French is the main language), Green Hills Academy, the International School of Kigali and the Kigali International Community School, all with English curricula.

Moving Pets

We move your pets safely and comfortably. We ensure that direct flights are used whenever possible and that the transit time is kept to a bare minimum. In most cases we construct the transit containers to IATA the specifications but you may use your own if it conforms. We encourage you to use the transit container well before the move so your pet can feel completely at home in it. Delivery of your pet to your new home is looked after by professionals, all of whom are members of the necessary international trade associations. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to comply with veterinary and quarantine requirements.

  • Pets are relocated safely and comfortably
  • Our personal touch ensures that the relocation is made as smooth as possible
  • Pets travel in IATA-approved travel containers
  • All airline and customs documentation is seen to, as is compliance with veterinary and quarantine requirements

Bringing pets into the country is generally very straight forward. The pet must have the necessary health vaccinations and related certificates from a recognized institution. Worldwide Movers Africa can send you these document details well ahead of time. These certificates must be sent to Kigali prior to arrival for verification and subsequent approval. Travel into the country is then restricted to within a specified period. It is advisable that you check with the airline at origin well before departure. We are pleased to recommend reliable veterinarians in Kigali and Gisenyi.

Orientation Services

Prior to beginning a search for accommodation, we suggest you take a city tour with us to check out the residential areas and traffic patterns in town. With your budget and criteria in hand, we can put you in touch with the best known real estate agencies for long and short term leases. Our flexible orientation tour includes all the schools, (meet the heads), best hospitals, recreational spots, hotels and best restaurants, and importantly, where not to go in town. We are also pleased to suggest security companies that can properly protect you dwelling against theft. And, for the intrepid, introduction to Language Training – Survival Kinyarwanda.


Apart from dicey parts of larger cities, personal safety here is no worse than elsewhere. Like any metropolis and you’re around and about later in the evening or in an area with bars or the ubiquitous second-hand spare-parts joints, take a cab. For your home, you should consider a quality alarm system installed and monitored by a reputable security company or have a guard or live-in to protect the property. Make sure your car is insured by an internationally recognised company and do take out third party cover. Our Orientation Service is designed to assist you with these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a guaranteed door-to-door price and information about my move?

One call to Worldwide Movers Africa is enough. Our staff will come to survey your household and personal effects and quickly get back to you with pricing and information. This service is free of charge.

What if I don’t live in one of the major towns or in a distant locality?

No problem. Worldwide Movers Africa services the entire country.

What if I don’t have a residence at destination?

Worldwide Movers Africa can quote you storage rates overseas and insure them accordingly.

Does insurance coverage include all risks?

Yes. We provide you with a form to list all your goods for insurance and all those goods listed are covered.

Do I have to prepay my move or part of my move?

It depends. If your company has an account with us, no. If it’s a private move, yes.

Can I pay for my move with a credit or debit card?

In some of our countries, yes. Otherwise bank transfers are the norm.

Can you ship my much-loved pet?

Yes, we love pets. We have in stock or can build tailor-made shipping crates for pets and we have close relations with professional pet carriers overseas too.

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