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Congratulations and KAZE I BURUNDI!

Country Profile

The Group’s Burundi office was established in January 2003. We established an operations team with experience, honesty and competence and an administration team of young enthusiastic professionals with skills in removals, export /import, freight and customs.

In 2015 Burundi was plunged into its worst crisis since the end of a civil war in 2005, when Mr Nkurunziza’s successful bid for re-election to a third term, sparked protests by opposition supporters.

  • Population: 10.4m population
  • Area: 27,816 sq km area
  • Life expectancy for men and women: 50 years
  • GDP per capita: $900
  • Burundi has a warm pleasant climate year round.

Country Info


Telecommunications are much improved across the country and the acquisition of a cell phone is easy and fast. Installation of land lines and internet connection is slower but in the meantime there are plenty of other wifi connections in hotels and other public places.

Accommodation and Schools

Please contact our office. We will be pleased to send you details of some real-estate companies as well as the list of schools that could be suitable for your children.

Orientation Services

It’s not easy finding your way around in a new city if you don’t have the resources of a resident friend to show you the ropes. The aim of our City Orientation Tour is to show you where to find what you need and make your initial settling-in period a little easier. As well, you can use your own car if you like (or ours) to get you accustomed to driving in local city traffic.


Most African metropolises are considerably safer than some larger western cities. Common sense and some pertinent advice make life easier and more secure. Please call Worldwide Movers Africa who will be pleased to organise an Orientation Tour for you during which time you can discuss home security, car security, security companies and various methods to prevent theft.

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Ronald K Mutesasira

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Tel: +257 61444170


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