Cape Town facing extreme drought

Cape Town facing extreme drought

Cape Town, South Africa is currently facing the most extreme drought in years. Water restrictions have reached Level 6B with estimated time to day zero when the taps are shut off being 16th April 2018.

This has a large effect on all animals in this area.

We have received urgent notice from the Quarantine station in Cape Town that all animals entering quarantine must be accompanied by their own water to supplement their stay. Due to the restrictions across the province, the ability to obtain extra water will prove costly and highly restrictive as the drought intensifies and further reductions on water per person are implemented. Currently restrictions have been set at 50litres per person per day for all drinking and sanitary needs.

The following water has been allocated per animal – this is for both drinking, cleaning and all sanitary care of the animals during their stay. As you will see this is exceptionally low, note that the below values are for the pets ENTIRE stay in quarantine, not per day.

0-10kgs 20litres
15-20kgs 25litres
20-30kgs 30litres
30-40kgs 35litres
40-60kgs 40litres

These amounts are set per animal and under no circumstances will it be considered to pay extra in order for the pet to receive water for a higher weight bracket.

If the water situation does not have an urgent and immediate change, the quarantine station will be closing in Cape Town for all arrivals of animals until further notice.

It is advisable that pets are routed via Johannesburg and Cape Town entry avoided due to this extreme situation. Pets can then be onward forwarded to final destination after quarantine is complete.

I do highly recommend that all agents with pets travelling to Cape Town make urgent arrangements to avoid any cancellations of quarantine bookings in the event the station is closed without notice. Please do remember that this is going to have an impact on space availability in Johannesburg, do expect delays in requested dates. Please ensure to work closely with your import consultant to ensure permits and space is granted prior to drawing blood due to the 30 day requirement.